Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Simple Things-Clouds

While we were in Mexico Tristan and I went jumping everyday in the trampoline. One day after jumping (and falling and rolling) we lay down in the trampoline and looked at the clouds. It was a rare quiet moment with Tristan. He looked up and told me, "I want go up, up, up the clouds mommy." I told him that in a few days we were going to get on the airplane again and we would fly up with the clouds. But he told me, "no, I want touch the clouds." I told him we couldn't because they were far, far, far away and he said, "I get ladder and go up, up, up. I touch the clouds." I told him that a ladder wasn't big enough, that they were REALLY high! He relied, "no a ladder." I left it at that. Maybe one day he will touch the clouds:)

This picture was the best I could get of our jumping session. Every time I picked up the camera Tristan told me to, "put it down mommy!" Some moments are better without camera in hand.


  1. So agree with that last sentiment:) But that picture is so sweet to go along with that beautiful moment:)

  2. very sweet moment with your little guy! :) thanks for sharing!