Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Morning

This post is extremely late but better late than never, right? When Tristan woke up Christmas morning he didn't remember on his own what day it was but it didn't take much reminding for him to be up and ready to check the tree for his presents. Boy did he make out good! And this is AFTER he already got presents in Denver before we headed to Mexico.

The night before we left cookies and milk for Santa.

Tristan helped Noah open his presents.

Then he ripped open his own which were mostly....
you guessed it, CARS. (He isn't hard to shop for.)

Noah enjoyed is stackable cubes.

We didn't have a mantle to hang the stocking on but that didn't stop Santa from stuffing them.

After playing with his new toys for a few minutes Noah got distracted by the spice rake. So much for spending money on actual toys, ordinary objects are just as much fun.

Look at all their loot!

And more...

and more...

and more..

My goodness and the Three Kings still have to come in a few days!

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