Sunday, February 17, 2013


Our friends came this weekend and brought with them a new game, Espiro. I'm not sure what it is called in English, but it is basically a pole with a rope and a ball. Tristan immediately invented a dinosaur game with it. He is the TRex and the ball is a dinosaur he is hunting. He has to catch the ball to eat it (with mom or dad hitting the ball so it flies as high as possible). Good thing the ball is soft because it he has gotten hit in the head with it several times.

They also brought this great hammock chair.  We have already learned you have to be really careful where you hang it from.  Last night ,as we were roasting marshmellows around a campfire, Genaro sat in the chair with Dianita and we lost a whole (quite large) branch from our tree.  Thankful nobody was hurt, aside from the poor tree.

Valentine's Day Exchange

At school, the kids exchanged names for Valentine's Day. They had to bring something for their Valentine. They were not allowed to buy their gifts, they had to make them. Tristan made a dinosaur for his friend Nazar and Noah and I made bubbles for Hannia.

  Nazar loved his dinosaur and Luisa (the little girl who had Tristan) made him a dinosaur too!  They were very happy with their gifts.

Aylin  made Noah this cute marshmellow cookie monster!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Quiet Cricket

Some friends of Mariana have asked me to take some pictures of their little boys in the park.   I've been thinking about taking some shots of them reading on a blanket, so of course I had to try it out first with my boys.  We took, The Quiet Cricket, and an old sheet out into the yard and I had at it.  They cooperated about as long as the story lasted (really only a few minutes with Tristan speed reading).  And as soon as the story was over this is what happened... That's my boys :)

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I was able to convince Tristan to read the story one more time. Noah, however, had reached his limit.  Instead he headed into the house to hunt down his Spiderman costume.

Happy Birthday Grandma Cata!


Last weekend when we are Mariana and Yeyo's place for Grandma Cata's birthday celebration the kids got into the greenhouse out back and look what they found, Strawberries!  Yum!