Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rough Housing

Our new yard is perfect for an attack on daddy. There is a lot of space to get a good running start before jumping on top of him and plenty of room for rolling around.

Mud Babies

The rainy season is over with but before it ended the boys got a good taste of all the joys the rain (and mud) and bring two adventurous little men. Sunday we got back from visiting Abuelo and Abuela in Metepec and discovered the rain had turned our yard into a HUGE mud pit. As we were unpacking the car I let Noah out of my sight for one minute and when I turned around he was sitting in the middle of the mud.

I could have picked him up at that point and taken him into the house (it would have made the clean-up a bit easier) but I was reminded of the "mud walk" we went on when I was little at YMCA camp. I had soooo much fun, so I decided to let Noah have a bit of his own fun.

Soon Tristan joined in the fun and they were both covered head to tow in mud.

The car is a great place for a nap

It takes about 70 minutes for us to drive from Malinalco to Metepec (where Edgar's family lives). Noah always uses the drive as time to get a little shut-eye. The other day I "caught" him fast asleep in this photo. How sweet is my little man?!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Weekend

The weekend of Edgar's birthday we invited his friends to Malinalco to celebrate with us.
Noah is with Ceci and Arturo. Noah LOVED all the attention he got this weekend.
Here he is with Genaro.
We took a little trip to Chalma to have the cars blessed.

Genaro and Ceci's boys brought their tent to camp out in our yard, it was really used as a wrestling ring.

For lunch we went and caught our own trout and then took them to a restaurant, where they prepared them for us. Tristan and Valeria became fast friends.
and Edgar FINALLY had some luck catching a fish (hehehe).

Welcome Kitty

Anyone who knows Edgar knows that he DOES NOT like cats, he is allergic to them. So it was particularly ironic when Kitty followed him home the other day. She was just a kitten, living in the streets, and the boys fell in love with her right away. She is really sweet. She sleeps with Tristan each night, and she puts up with all of Noah's "loving."

The boys fell so in love with Kitty that Edgar decided he could try and live with a cat. After a few weeks Kitty won over Edgar too. Surprisingly his allergies no longer bother him.

We waited a few weeks to name Kitty, to make sure we were going to keep her, and in the mean time began calling her, Kitty. Well, it stuck.

Welcome to the family, Kitty.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A bike, a jeep, and new friends

Several weeks ago we went to Aunt Mariana's house to grill out. Her neighbors (and relatives of her husband) have two kids, Brenda and Rayito. Tristan and Noah had a blast playing with their new friends. Their play jeep was a big hit. Even baby Nana got a ride.

Later Rayito helped Tristan ride his bike. A little bird told me the boys might be getting their own bikes for Christmas.