Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leprechaun Hunting

Tristan woke me up early this morning, begging me to help him get dressed so that he could go outside and look for a leprechaun. 

First we set a trap inside one of his boots.  Tristan put a chair (he made out of duplos) and a snack inside the boot and set it out under a tree.
 We heard a loud noise come from the house and quickly went inside to see what it was.  This is the mess we found in the boys' bedroom...
But the mess was just a distraction created by that tricky leprechaun.  By the time we got back outside he had taken the food form the boot and left us a note.  The note thanked us for the snack and warned us that we would never be able to outsmart him and get his treasure.
But we did not give up.  We just needed a better trap.  We got to work on it.  We found a box and propped one side open with a stick.
We put the box in the corner of the dining room and Tristan made a trail of tracks from the front door to the trap. (Lucky thought the snacks we for her so we had to shoo her outside.)
Then we put the chair, some water, and two presents inside the trap.  Tristan decided that if we were going to take the leprechaun's treasure we should give him something.  He offered him one tazo and a tiny plastic duchkling.  We added a rainbow so the leprechaun would feel at home.
 By then it was time to eat so we left the trap set up in the dining room while we went out to eat. When we got back this is what we found!
The trap had worked.  Well, almost.  We didn't catch the leprechaun-he managed to get away- but we did get his treasure.  Oh, and he left his poop behind.  Good thing they taste like chocolate covered raisins ;)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Putting on a Show

When these two get together there is usually put on some sort of show.  Today is was a piano recital.

Noah and Mommy's Playdate

On Tuesday  Tristan went to a friend's house and Edgar went to "Escuela para Padres" so Noah and I had the whole afternoon to ourselves.

First we played football.

Then we worked in the garden.

We found some ants and made them a house and then a thunderstorm (this a stone as the thundercloud).

 We ran for cover from the thunderstorm.
 And played with kitty a little.
It was quite the eventfully afternoon.

Tristan and Esteban

These two have such a good time together.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The last two months the whole school has been immersed in the theme, Inventions, and last Friday we had our inventions exposition.  Here is some of the boys' work.

Friendship Spiral

Last weekend we had a Friendship Spiral at Ameyalli.  The school invited another school (from DF) with whom we have been creating a friendship.  The kids exchange letters, visits, and summer camps etc.  We made the Friendship Spiral and invited our friends from DF to enter and take a "Ojo de Dios" that the students of Ameyalli had woven.  Then we sang and ate.  One song we sang was, "Soy un nino salvaje" which translates, "I'm a wild child." Noah took this song quite literally and lived up to the part.  I must have dusted him off and washed his hands at least 10 times before I gave up.  By the time it was time to eat I gave up and just took his shirt off it was so dirty.  Here is my little Wild Child.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Our friends came this weekend and brought with them a new game, Espiro. I'm not sure what it is called in English, but it is basically a pole with a rope and a ball. Tristan immediately invented a dinosaur game with it. He is the TRex and the ball is a dinosaur he is hunting. He has to catch the ball to eat it (with mom or dad hitting the ball so it flies as high as possible). Good thing the ball is soft because it he has gotten hit in the head with it several times.

They also brought this great hammock chair.  We have already learned you have to be really careful where you hang it from.  Last night ,as we were roasting marshmellows around a campfire, Genaro sat in the chair with Dianita and we lost a whole (quite large) branch from our tree.  Thankful nobody was hurt, aside from the poor tree.