Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Friendship Spiral

Last weekend we had a Friendship Spiral at Ameyalli.  The school invited another school (from DF) with whom we have been creating a friendship.  The kids exchange letters, visits, and summer camps etc.  We made the Friendship Spiral and invited our friends from DF to enter and take a "Ojo de Dios" that the students of Ameyalli had woven.  Then we sang and ate.  One song we sang was, "Soy un nino salvaje" which translates, "I'm a wild child." Noah took this song quite literally and lived up to the part.  I must have dusted him off and washed his hands at least 10 times before I gave up.  By the time it was time to eat I gave up and just took his shirt off it was so dirty.  Here is my little Wild Child.

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