Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leprechaun Hunting

Tristan woke me up early this morning, begging me to help him get dressed so that he could go outside and look for a leprechaun. 

First we set a trap inside one of his boots.  Tristan put a chair (he made out of duplos) and a snack inside the boot and set it out under a tree.
 We heard a loud noise come from the house and quickly went inside to see what it was.  This is the mess we found in the boys' bedroom...
But the mess was just a distraction created by that tricky leprechaun.  By the time we got back outside he had taken the food form the boot and left us a note.  The note thanked us for the snack and warned us that we would never be able to outsmart him and get his treasure.
But we did not give up.  We just needed a better trap.  We got to work on it.  We found a box and propped one side open with a stick.
We put the box in the corner of the dining room and Tristan made a trail of tracks from the front door to the trap. (Lucky thought the snacks we for her so we had to shoo her outside.)
Then we put the chair, some water, and two presents inside the trap.  Tristan decided that if we were going to take the leprechaun's treasure we should give him something.  He offered him one tazo and a tiny plastic duchkling.  We added a rainbow so the leprechaun would feel at home.
 By then it was time to eat so we left the trap set up in the dining room while we went out to eat. When we got back this is what we found!
The trap had worked.  Well, almost.  We didn't catch the leprechaun-he managed to get away- but we did get his treasure.  Oh, and he left his poop behind.  Good thing they taste like chocolate covered raisins ;)

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