Saturday, August 20, 2011

A little catch up...

This summer has been crazy. First we moved out of our house in Highlands (and sold/donated most of our belongings) and moved in with my parents. My poor parents had the rest of our belongings in their garage while we were with them for three weeks. During those weeks we packed, donated more things, and visited family and friends in Wisconsin. Then at the end of July we got on a plane with the kids, Rusty (dog), a stroller, two car seats, three carry-on suitcases, and NINE enormous suitcases. WOW. (That's all I have to say about that) Once we were in Mexico we stayed with Edgar's parents two weeks until the house we are renting was finished.

Now we are living in Malinalco. YEAH. Its so good to have our own home again. I'll blog more about Malinalco later, but for now I want to share some photos of a few of our adventures since we moved out of a sweet little house in the Highlands (Denver) in July.

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