Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine Photo Shoot

Last week I saw a photo in "I Heat Faces" Photo Challenge of this little boy posing without his shirt on, showing off a heart tattoo. I thought it was so cute I decided the only thing cuter than one boys showing off his tattoo would be TWO boys showing off their tattoos. So I painted heart tattoos on the boys and waited for the light near our window to shine in nicely. Unfortunately the "photo shoot" did not go so smoothly. Tristan was hyper, jumping all over the bed. Noah was crabby, whining every time Tristan bounced him around on the bed. Poor Edgar kept trying to get Tristan to sit with Noah and Tristan thought it was hilarious to "fall over" with Noah. Even though I never got the pictures I wanted the "shoot" ended with everyone laughing together on the bed. Oh well... next time. I took this photo afterward, when the boys were eating the chocolate I bribed them with.

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