Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Red Juice, Blue Juice

Lately it is hard to get Tristan to make up his mind about that he wants to eat and drink. When he is thirsty he will ask for milk and then, once you pour it, he'll change his mind and ask for juice. If it is juice he really wants, he can't make up his mind what color he wants. (Instead of drinking fruit juice we give Tristan gatorade mixed with water. He calls them by color, red juice, blue juice, yellow juice ...) Don't even get me started with the different cup choices he has. Tonight he asked me for "red juice" and so I poured him a full sippy of "red juice." As I was putting the juice back in the fridge Tristan noticed the "blue juice" and asked for "blue juice" instead. I told him he could have "blue juice" when he finished the "red juice," thinking he wouldn't remember he wanted "blue juice" by the time he was done. But as I tried to close the fridge door Tristan told me, "no see it, blue juice," and wouldn't let me close the door. He proceeded to stand in front of the fridge, watching his "blue juice," while he chugged ALL of his "red juice." I, of course, had to hold up my end of the bargain and give him his "blue juice" when he was finished. Afterward he told me his tummy had ouwwies, which I'm sure it did!

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