Saturday, September 18, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Target to find Tristan a "Big Jet." They are his latest passion. Unfortunately we weren't able to find a Big Jet and ended up getting him Handy Manny's race car. He spent about one hour playing with the race car and then asked for a Big Jet. He was really disappointed we didn't have one, and since then, EVERYTHING has become a Big Jet- the side walk chalk, the markers, a stick, his cars...
This weekend Edgar and Tristan set out to make a Big Jet out of cardboard, while Noah watched his daddy and his big brother with interest. He can't wait to grow up and join in the play. It was not a simple Big Jet Edgar had in mind, it was pretty cool. Tristan helped daddy for a little while but didn't have the patience to wait for the Big Jet to be done. When it was finally done he had a blast with it. He played long and hard and eventually fell asleep with his new Big Jet in his arms.

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